Summer Trip to the SOHO 2017

Andrew catches another big one!

The South Fork of the Holston River or SOHO as it is affectionately known by anglers is a tailwater of the South Holston Dam just east of the Tri-Cities area of East Tennessee. Coming from the bottom of the dam, its waters are continuously cold with high oxygen levels and large biomass of life. This translates into enormous quantities of various insects for 5,000 trout per mile to feed on and fishermen and women to try and catch. The river is known for its sulfur fly hatches and large brown trout. The size of the sulfur hatches has to be seen to be believed. When the turbines at the dam aren’t generating there are numerous wadable sections and it is even more fun to float in a drift boat when the water is high. You must pay attention to the release schedules and be aware of changing conditions. You must also bring your “A” game to catch any fish and especially the large browns. They are highly selective and not easily fooled. It is one of the best rivers in the South for fishing dries and requires good mending and drag-free drift techniques. Add it to your bucket list.

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