Our Conservation Story

Our Conservation Story

Conservation is at the core of TU's mission and is the focal point of our chapter. As much as our members enjoy fishing and the camaraderie of fellow outdoor enthusiasts, we are here for a purpose: to conserve, protect, and restore our coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. We do this through new and established programs as a chapter and in collaboration with
like-minded organizations.


Learn How You Can Win Prizes with Trash!

Embrace a Stream

Our Brown Trout Restoration Project


Resources for Supporting our Waters

UCCTU members enjoy fishing and the environs where trout are found.

  • Clean My Water Campaign – we have initiated a national effort to encourage TU chapter members across the country to organize campaigns to pick up trash found in local rivers and adjoining trails.
  • Embrace A Stream Program – our chapter has obtained funds through this national program that grants money to TU chapters to renovate local streams and rivers that support trout habitat. We have selected a stream in Gwinnett County for this project.
  • Adopt A Stream Program – many of our chapter members also participate in this effort to monitor local Atlanta streams feeding into the Chattahoochee River for pollutants.

Our Conservation Impact

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