President’s Message — March 2018


This one simple word sums up my thinking as I look over at my wall calendar and notice the First Day of Spring—March 20. It means something big has happened! Once upon a time it meant get ready for “Opening Day of Trout Season.” Now it means a whole lot more. It means the Rizzio Clinic for Youth is coming up in late April. It means our #CleanMyWater campaign is in full swing. It means Sweep the Hooch and UCCTU Clean-Up Days are on the horizon. But, what “anticipation” also means to me is that fishing season is about to ramp up. You see, I’m planning on more visits to our beautiful Chattahoochee River and numerous Georgia mountain streams. I’m excited about our Fishing Dayz trip to Fern Valley and our big summer adventure to the South Holston River. AND, I’ll be headed out west in early September to fish the Arkansas, Gunnison, Taylor and Rio Grande rivers. Scratch those off my “bucket list.” Anticipation, you see, is now over…it’s here!


I hope you’ll join us at our March 27th chapter meeting where Chris Nelson, Executive Director of the Chattahoochee Nature Center will tell us about some big changes coming to the center—and one that may greatly involve our chapter.




Ken Mock

Chapter President