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The Fly of the Month

Blue Assassin

 The Blue Assassin is a Chris Scalley fly and it is best known as a Chattahoochee River fly.  However, I have used this fly on other trout waters and found it to be very effective everywhere.  Those of you who subscribe to Eastern Fly Fishing saw this fly featured in the article regarding the Chattahoochee. This recipe has a minor variation.  The Purple Assassin is easy and fun to tie and the materials are readily available.

Hook: Tiemco #2488, #2488H or similar scud hook sizes #14 - #18
Thread: 8/0 black
Bead: Gold tungsten to appropriate hook size or one size larger
Tail: Dun Antron or Zelon
Body: Small silver Holographic Mylar or standard silver Mylar
Collar: Hot purple SLF Prism dubbed

Tying Instructions:
1, Crush down barb and apply bead.
2. Lay base of thread beginning behind hook eye rearward to slightly down the bend.
3. Tie-in a short sparse tail at the tie-in point slightly down the bend.
4. At the tail tie-in point tie in a piece of Mylar body material. and wrap forward in tight spirals to behind the bead forming a smooth body.
5. Dub a collar behind the bead. Two or three wraps.
6. Whip finish behind the bead.

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